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How would GOM, Kasamatsu, & Imayoshi react to coming home and finding their lover wearing their basketball jerseys and only the jersey?


Okay i answered a very similar ask with the same reactions of

Kuroko: He would have a small blush on his cheeks, it would take him a few moments to say something like, “You look very good in it.”

Kise: He would smile bright saying, “That fits you so nicely!” and then get closer to his lover eyes showing mischief, and his hands on their waist.

Kasamatsu: He’d be so flustered and aroused, “W-what are you doing?”

Midorima: His eyes would go wide, face literally the color of a tomato, he wouldn’t be sure to either be turned on or angry at his partner

Aomine: He’d give her a slight naughty smirk saying something along the lines of, “Holy shit I should give you my jersey more often.”

Imayoshi: He’d be a little surprised, smiling at his partner, “I could get used to this.”

Murasakibara: He would praise his partner and even mention his jersey looked big on them but he still liked it a lot.

Akashi: He’d also be surprised but impressed that his partner did something like that so suddenly, “Why don’t you give me a little show?”

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Something cute and fluffy with tsun-tsun Midorima, please~ <3



MIDORIMA: “I’m fine, I swear!” His girlfriend calls out, followed by a violent sneeze. Midorima shakes his head in irritation, annoyed that you didn’t tell him that you were sick. His hands gripped the medicine he was searching for in the cabinet before making his way back to the couch your frail figure was curled up on.
"Here," He hands you a small cup full of the medicine. You take it from his hands and thank him as you swig the disgusting liquid. Midorima finds himself smiling slightly at the cute reaction you make.
"Go take a shower," He commands. You look up at your tall boyfriend with a pout. "But, I’m comfy.." Your voice sounds muffled as you bury yourself deeper in the blanket. You sneeze again, causing your hair to fall out from your bun and make a curtain around your face. Midorima sighs before bending down in front of you and gently pushing your hair behind your ear. "Go," He says quietly and looks into your eyes. He stands up again to pull off your blanket, making you shiver at the absence of warmth.
Making a sour face, you swing your legs off the couch and stand up. A little too quickly..You thought as your head begins to spin. Taking a shaky step, you try to walk forward, only to collapse into your boyfriend’s arms. 
"Baka," He grumbles out before placing an arm underneath your legs to carry you bridal style and makes his way towards your bathroom.
"H-hey!" Your voice cracks out in surprise. "I can walk!" You complain as you look up at Midorima’s face. "And you’re doing a wonderful job at that," He glances down with an arched eyebrow and a small smirk decorating his face. You groan and snuggle deeper into Midorima’s chest, missing the blush that adorned his face as he looks off to the side. There is a long silence between you two as he starts walking up the stairs. You can’t help to feel extremely grateful for Midorima.
"Thank you, Shin-chin," You cheerfully thank him with his favorite nickname and place a kiss on his chest. He rolls his eyes before waving it off bright-faced at your sudden affection. “It’s nothing,” He tells you quietly. You shake your head, wanting to tease him more.
"But you’re taking care of me with actions from the heart," You say while patting his chest. You feel Midorima’s chest grumble with a snort, immediately bringing a smile to your face at the thought of making the tsundere laugh. Not aware of Midorima’s wandering eyes, he catches you smiling softly to yourself, making his eyes twinkle. It reminded him of how much he loved your smile. 

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Sexy times with Hanamiya?


HANAMIYA: He was coming to your apartment late today, but he had waited all day for this. You, being the teasing girlfriend of his, were texting him dirty things during school, practice, etc. It pissed Hanamiya off endlessly, but he knew you had to repay him for that.
He quickly opens the door to your apartment and throws his keys onto the table near the door. Hanamiya hurriedly made his way to your bedroom, also managing to tug off his jacket and throw it on the couch. His mind was rambling with all these sexual thoughts, unable to process how long he was actually waiting for this. Your texts seemed to have done the trick.
But, hat he didn’t expect to see was the lights turned off and you curled up in blankets on the bed, sound asleep. Hanamiya dropped his bag to the floor with shock, suddenly turning angry at what he walked in on. 
"What the hell?!" He found himself asking out loud. His voice made your sleeping figure turn over onto your back and turns on one of the dim lights in your room to wake you up even further. 
"No, no, no," Hanamiya repeated as he walked over to your bed to throw off the blankets covering your body. He saw that you were only in your undergarments, reminding him of how much he loved to see your skin. Yet, it still pissed him off.
He threw off his practice shirt and shorts before pulling himself onto you. “____,” He whispered fiercely as he shook your figure. He hears you whine in your sleep, attempting to turn over and away from his body. Hanamiya sighs in an irritated manner and begins creeping his fingers down your body. He kisses your jawline, slightly smirking to himself when he hears you let out a soft moan.
"Ngh, Makoto?" Your voice cracks out when you open your eyes. He stops his actions and looks at your face. 
"You owe me," He tells you firmly as he grips your hip with one hand. You furrow your brows.
"No, I’m tired," You say quietly before closing your eyes again. Hanamiya’s face burns up at your comment before grabbing your wrists with his free hand and holding them tightly above your head.
"No, you don’t," Hanamiya states bitterly and grinds his hips against yours roughly. Your eyes shot open and you gasp at the sudden contact. He felt himself growing impatient with you and begins undressing your figure. His lips capture yours in a rough kiss and you could almost feel how much he was longing for this.
"Now, do all those things you said you would," He orders you with a serious expression as one hand trails around your body teasingly, rocking his hips into yours again with a feverish want.

Anonymous sent:

What if instead of Furihata going with Kuroko to meet with the GOM during Winter Cup it was Seirin's Female Manager which happens that all the GOM+Kagami like? Thank you (≧∇≦)


Kuroko: Yes, he decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to come along, but he really hated how everyone was looking at you… “Please stay beside me, [Name]-chan.”

Kagami: He wanted to talk big in front of the GoM, but he found it difficult with you standing right there. “Don’t…D-Don’t exclude us!” Everyone could tell he was embarrassed…

Kise: “Ahh, it’s so great to see you, [Name]cchi!” He picked you up and twirled you around, ignoring everyone else’s glares. “It feels like it’s been foreveeeer!” He loved showing you off in front of them like that.

Midorima: He opened and closed his scissors very quickly and loudly as he turned away from you. “[Name],” was his simple greeting. If he looked at you any longer, his face was sure to go red…

Aomine: “Tch, couldn’t get a better babysitter?” he teased. He scratched his cheek and looked away from you without giving you a proper greeting. What the hell was he supposed to say?

Murasakibara: “Ahhh, it’s [Name]-chin,” He rustled your hair a little bit. “Neh, you haven’t grown at all…” he said, sounding slightly disappointed. “You’re never gonna grow…” You couldn’t help but be offended.

Akashi: Even though he knew that he felt something for you, he still couldn’t disregard the fact that you didn’t follow his orders. “[Name], did I say you could come here?”

Anonymous sent:

GoM+Kagami+Hanamiya+Fukui+Nijimura accidentally (maybe not so accidentally) touching their gf’s breast.


KUROKO: His face is even more unreadable than usual as he realizes what happened. “Sorry, ___-chan.”

KAGAMI: He jumps from her and attempts to stutter apologies, getting redder with each second.

KISE: “Can I do it again, ___-cchi?” He asks not able to look away from his current object of interest. 

AOMINE: “Oi!” He stops her running figure embarrassed by his sudden touch. “I want more!” 

MIDORIMA: He tries to look casual as if nothing happened, like he didn’t actually enjoy it.

MURASAKIBARA: “Stop, please!” She pleads. “But ___-chin, it’s nice~ You won’t let me do it again~?”

FUKUI: "You’ve done it on purpose!" She begrudges, crossing arm on her chest. "Absolutely noooo–"

AKASHI: He smirks at her reaction. “My dear ___-chan, I think we can already take our relationship to another level.”

HANAMIYA: “Wow, so soft,” he grins, pulls her to himself, while she’s blushing hard, and caresses it once again. 

NIJIMURA: “Ahem, sorry, ahem,” He coughs in his fist, looking away from her. “Let’s just… go home?” 

Anonymous sent:

GoM, Kagami, Himuro and Hanamiya being caught by their teammates while doing the do with their gf


KUROKO: Keeps both of them quiet, hoping maybe that his lack of presence would miraculously work now. But it definitely did not. “O-oy Kuroko, what the hell are you two doing over there?!”

KAGAMI: He’s the most shy about letting his teammates see his girlfriend, so for them to find them like this was a nightmare. “Hey! Just move along! Nothing to see!” He yells at them, while blushing furiously.

KISE: He hides her naked body away from them and sticks a tongue out at his team. “Don’t look at ____cchi, go away!” He tells them. His team never knew Kise had sex in places like this, but now they knew to stay away.

AOMINE: It was clear from his body language that he wasn’t going to stop. “So it looks like you bastards just have to leave.” He replies, frowning deeply, never losing contact with his girlfriend.

MIDORIMA: He wants to tell her how he told her they were gonna get caught in this open location but his girlfriend looks so scared right now that he keeps his mouth shut. Instead he hugs her closer to him.

MURASAKIBARA: He’s confused by not embarrassed when his teammates see them. His girlfriend’s shaking so he glares at the intruders. “Stop staring, ____-chin and I are busy right now~”

HIMURO: He’s still aroused and lost in the moment, but recognizes that the situation just got bad. “I’m sorry…” He whispers and kisses her hair, before trying to gracefully remove himself from her.

AKASHI: When the team catches them, Akashi immediately gives off this dangerous aura. “Don’t…interrupt.” He says, before returning to satisfying her. They didn’t need to be warned twice.

HANAMIYA: Sure it’s awkward, but his teammates were at fault, right? “Nothing to see here.” He tells them. His eyes are ice cold though and that’s their hint to get the hell out.

Midorima’s just sooo…. him.



when there is a full version to an anime opening/ending









And my personal favorite:

Popcorn guy is my favorite.


I like the last one “Oh my god, I’m on fire? Better jump out a fucking window then.


The lady pouring soda on the cup was trying to fail so hard and yet barely splashed or made a mess at all XDDD

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….What the hell indeed…