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How would Seirin members bestow misfortune on Hanamiya because they dislike him very much (E.g. Pranking him, blackmailing him etc...) Hanamiya's reaction to that would be hilarious... (^w^)


HANAMIYA found it strange that his Instagram account, which had 10 followers until yesterday, was suddenly so popular. People were leaving so many comments on his photos, and he grins as he goes to check them. “Wow so popular, boss.” Hara’s reading it over his shoulder. But both of them froze when they saw the comments. [nice iced coffee, how bout a pic of ur dick?] [post some nudes? ;)] [i bet u look hot naked] Hara’s dying of laughter behind him, while Hanamiya’s fuming. He tracks the IP address of these users, and they all trace to one school.


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sweet kiss

I DID *pose tracing*:-)

Jean Kirschstein:  A master of 3D Maneuver Gear
stubbornfangirl asked for Jean in 35 | color palette (+ 3DGM)

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GOM+Haizaki+Hanamiya+Himuro's reaction to their girlfriend asking them to eat her out


btw eat her out = perform oral sex on her

KUROKO: He blinks at her in dumb surprise. “Sorry ____-chan, can you repeat that? You want me to do what?” It was too sudden for Kuroko.

KISE: His cheeks flare up, but he’s also happy. “Ahh you’ve never asked for this before, ____cchi! I’m glad you wanna try new things with me!”

AOMINE: He raises an eyebrow before smirking. “Ahn? You must be wondering what it’s like after doing it to me so many times, right?”

MIDORIMA: His first reaction is to decline and shake his head. But when Midorima looks at her pouty face, he realizes he’s being too selfish about it.

MURASAKIBARA: He surprisingly agrees to it. “Ok, I’ll do it. I won’t be able to see your expression, so make lots of nice sounds for me, neh~”

HIMURO: He’s very embarrassed by the question, but it was a request made by his precious girlfriend, and she really didn’t ask for much. “Ok…”

AKASHI: He has an thoughtful expression on, looking at you with interest. “You want that? I guess my usual routine isn’t doing it for you, hmm?”

HANAMIYA: “Oral on you?” He chuckles as he thinks about it. “Yeah, it might be good.” Was his response as he slinks his way down your body.

HAIZAKI: He stares at her in annoyance. He’s used to receiving blowjobs, not the other way. “I’d rather not… But I guess we can try it once.”

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