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How would Gom react if they accidentally hit their partner's boobs with a basketball?


Kuroko: he lets out a little gasp and approaches you with an expression of worry “__-are you okay? I’m really sorry” You hug yourself and denies with your head “The next time just  point better”

Kise: “Oh my god! __-cchi you okay?” he’s going to touch your boobs in an attempt of examine were it hurts, but suddenly he realizes and he blushes and smiles like a little school girl “I’m just worried about my little girls” You punch him in the face.If they are more little now it will be your fault!”

Midorima: he blushes and freezes on the site. He really doesn’t know what to do. “Are you just going to stand there putting you glasses on place!?” You yell at him and his face turns red. There is a long silence until you explodes, throwing him the ball “At least ask me if I’m okay you stupid carrot!”

Aomine: it hurts him more than you. “Shit” he grabs your hands, that are covering your boobs in pain and looks at them with intensity “What are you doing?” you ask him, blushing and slightly annoyed by his behavior “I’m making sure that I haven’t flattened them” he says with a relieved smile.

Murasakibara: “__-chin, do your boobies hurt?” Oh it does, but you know that he didn’t do it on purpose, and you’re not mad at him. Anyway, his words are too cute and you smile at him. “Yeah, but I’m okay” Murasakibara tilts his head and places his big hand on your cheek “I’m sorry __-chin, I don’t want your boobies to be mad at me~”

Akashi: “I’m sorry __, are you okay?” You look at him with a wince and when you see him you can’t understand. Is he smiling? “Do you find this funny?” you bitterly ask him “No” he answers “But I think the concept of the situation is comical” You look at him for several seconds and then open your mouth again “Were are your scissors, I need them”

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Some girls try to make out with GOM and imayoshi and the girlfriend is behind a wall but she can still see (the boys don't know she's there..well maybe imayoshi b/C he's imayoshi)


Kuroko: “Please stop” he says, trying to be polite, but that girl is making him angry, and, trying to force him? That’s sexual harassment “You’re acting disrespectfully, also I have a girlfriend” He really wants to punch her.

Kise: it’s not one of his fangirls, but one of his female coworkers. You went to his company to surprise him when you saw the scene. “I’m sorry __, but I’m not interested” he says, trying to smile at her and her lustfully gaze. Suddenly she kisses him, and you eyes wide open; his too. He pushes her away with now an angry expression “I told you that I don’t want you around! How I’m going to kiss __-cchi now? I feel dirty” he suddenly mourns.

Midorima: “W-What are you doing?” his blushing and shaking. He tries to put his glasses on place but she grabs his hand approaches her body to his. Midorima shakes his hand and avoids her eyes “I have a girlfriend” he stutters. He’s nervous and he can’t even speak properly. “But that doesn’t matter” she purrs, and suddenly Midorima’s state changes. He looks at her full in the eyes with a serious and determinate expression “How dare you to talk about her like that”

Aomine: “Oi!” he yells when she tries to kiss her “Don’t approach me like that again!” She smiles slyly and “Uh~ I thought you liked girls with big boobs” You swallow hard. You always have had wondered if Aomine has a problem with your quiet normal bra size. Maybe this was time to find out the truth. Aomine seems to think about it and then smiles. “Yeah” he steps forward her “But you know what I like even more?” he suggestively asks her, landing over her. A smug smile appears on his lips “My girlfriend”

Murasakibara: he just pushes her face with his hand, and ignores her completely “Only __-chin can kiss me” he says with his typical tone, but then his voice becomes lower “You’re making me very angry”

Akashi: she tries one time, and when she sees his eyes he move backwards by herself “What makes you think that such an indecent and pathetic girl can replace my darling?”

Imayoshi: he’s having fun with the situation, but when she tries to kiss him he think it’s enough “What do you think you’re doing” he asks, his smile never leaving his lips “Oh come on” she rolls her eyes “Do you expect me to believe that you actually have ‘feelings’ for that silly girl? We all know how you are” Imayoshi titles his head “If you want someone to play with, I’m free and full aware of your true personality” she’s going to caress his hair, but he grabs her wrist and she lets out a little cry of pain in surprise “Oh~ You know me so well” the sarcasm evident in his voice “Then you should know that I’m not into such stupid and desperate girls” Then his smile is missing “If I see you near __-chan I’ll not be this generous”


One day Kasamatsu gets so fed up with Kise’s antics that he challenges the other to one-on-one, the stakes being that the loser has to do one thing for the winner.

Obviously Kasamatsu loses, though he did give Kise a challenge.

The next day, no one notices anything different, except maybe…

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What about midorima's kinks?


Okay I’m actually rather terrible at thinking things up, but I’m gonna try and throw out a couple

  • The obvious, but his fingers. His left hand is especially extra sensitive, and he won’t admit it but they can feel so good he’ll moan out loud. So he’ll love thrusting fingers into his partner’s mouth, or fingering them hard until they cum, and you can be sure he’s done research and will practice until he knows exactly what he’s doing.
  • Midorima doesn’t realize it until he gets convinced to try it, but he has a thing for crossdressing. He definitely would not go out in something that’s obvious, but he’d get so excited and flushed with smaller things like wearing lingerie under his clothes on a weekend outing (not during the week because practice and all). He thinks it feels rather comfortable, all the silk hugging his body the right ways, and he likes feeling pretty.
  • When he’s dominating though, Midorima likes to push. With the right switches flipped, he’ll mark his partner up all over, scratches and bites with tight, bruising grip on their hips as he snaps his hips up with precision. It’s best if his partner is someone who can take it all, because he’ll like even breathplay (of course doing it with great care and preparation though). They say starving beasts are dangerous, after all.

Am I the only one who thinks Sera a.k.a forearm guy senpai is pretty attractive, not to mention hot? I mean sure, we kinda hated him for trying to take Rei from the swim club and all but still. He kinda reminds me of Makoto and Sousuke; gentle giants with those loving eyes. I bet he’s the mama-Sera of the track team.

Sousuke and Makoto’s love child

Anonymous sent:

aomine kinks


I feel like I should be saying Aomine’s hot enough that he doesn’t need kinks to make him hotter… >o> but yes, let me indulge.

  • Dirty talk, he’s really into that. Like, describing everything in detail and calling his partner a slut and someone should probably smack him for that unless his partner likes that then well I guess it’s all good?
  • Getting it rough and hard up the ass. It’s gotta be either from behind and getting pounded hard, or him riding the other and moving his swinging his hips down fast and hard with reckless abandon until he’s a giant moaning mess.
  • Obviously, boobs. He loves grabbing them and fondling them and pinching and biting and sucking on the nipples until they’re red and sore. But if his partner didn’t have boobs, I’d imagine he’d go for the next best thing—two handfuls of wonderful ass. He just really like grabbing and getting it filling his hands and massaging soft flesh around.

Anonymous sent:

If Murasakibara had a girlfriend, do you think he'd really like going down on her? I can imagine her sitting on his face and him wrapping his huge hands around her thighs from behind as he uses that lollipop-trained tongue. What other kinks do you think he has? (sorry, I'm a HUGE Mukkun fan and since he's the least popular of the GoM I'm kind of starved for nsfw stuff featuring him. *sheepish grin* It's just something about him, so perfect...)


I think that he wouldn’t mind if he didn’t have to work too hard for it. For example, if Murasakibara just lied down and his girlfriend was on top, or alternatively she’s the one lying down with legs hooked over his shoulders or spread out for easy access~

He’d be a tease about it though, long strokes of his tongue and swirling around the clit with some noisy sucks, but never really going quite fast enough until his girlfriend’s a begging mess. Then maybe he’d get into things ;)

The obvious kink I think would be foodplay, like his partner steals and hides away his snacks then teases him with some irresistible on her irresistible body. I think he’d also be into some power play, getting some resistance but ultimately getting to dominate and mark up his girlfriend all over. 


Imagine that Hanamiya’s confused as hell. 

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<Teiko!Murakuro sweeties>

Imagine MURA AND KUROKO HAVE A SLEEPOVER BECAUSE WOW SUCH CUTE and it’s at kuroko’s house yes yes:

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Imagine that it’s a Saturday, and for some reason unbeknownst to yourself, Midorima is dragging you everywhere with him. You’re pulled to his morning practice (why the hell it was on a Saturday, you’ll never be able to fathom), he takes you to the place he always eats breakfast, and he…